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Edongba 6.00

... useful program to input Dongba hieroglyphs and Geba symbols which are Naxi ... by English meaning or by Latian alphabet for Naxi into your edit software such as WORD on ... Windows 2000,Nt,2003,XP,Vista,Windows 7. The Naxi language ... Burmese-Lolo language. Naxi has been written with Dongba script and Geba script. The Naxi Dongba script ...

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Loqu8 Copyworks Standard 2

... Learn to read, write and pronounce Chinese faster with Loqu8 ... new Copyworks software. Just enter Chinese characters and Copyworks generates English definitions, phonetics ... ll have custom tools like copysheets, FlashTiles and high resolution digital images to help you ... chose what you want to learn. Choose the Chinese characters ...

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Websters Digital Chinese Dictionary PSE1

... Digital Chinese Dictionary ... suddenly searching 10X faster than any conventional, printed Chinese dictionary. Unlike any other Chinese-English dictionaries, WDCD represents ... Enlarged, crisp Chinese characters in both simplified and traditional glyphs ... Organized alphabetically in Pinyin sort-order ...

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PHP Spell Check 3.28

... AN INNOVATIVE SPELLCHECKING SCRIPT FOR PHP4 ... Contextual As-You Type PHP Spell Checking with red wiggly underlines in your text boxes ... Did-You-Mean search phrase suggestions in PHP and JavaScript ... Did-You-Mean search phrase suggestions in PHP and JavaScript ...

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Phonetics 1.0

... ks (Phonetics) is an application for students of linguistics. It ... provides an overview of Phonetics. Even though the app has been branded ... abhi Dynamically search through phonetics terminology Rich library of articles that are constantly ...

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Learn Punjabi 1.0

... native English speaking kids who want to quickly learn Punjabi alphabets and words. 1. ... Separate detailed section on phonetics for learning Punjabi pronunciation using Gurmukhi script. 5. ...

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