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DownloadRoute excellent award3D eBook Shot 2.00

... genuine sales tool. Unlike other ebook cover maker packages, 3D eBook Shot can create big images ... range of shapes and sizes. These include standard hard back books, ...

Graphics & Design - Picture Editors 2008-08-31 downloaded 74 times 0.99MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardPractiCount Toolbar Professional for MS Office 1.1

... word, line, page, character, etc ... also counts much more accurately than the built-in Word counter. Unlike MS Word, PractiCount can count footers, headers, ...

Economics - Office Docs & Spreadsheets 2008-01-20 downloaded 45 times 1.13MB

Topmost Clock 2.1

... Topmost Clock is ... transparent desktop clock, which runs on top of all other windows. ... digital or analog clock face of various colors, sizes and shapes. It ... has flexible settings, which allow customizing the clock so that it could be easily seen in ...

My Hobby & Education - Time Clocks 2008-01-31 downloaded 57 times 0.5MB

DownloadRoute cool awardJFDraw 1.8.0

... pure Java based graphics application and library package. JFDraw used ... more complex vector graph processing. You can run JFDraw under any operating systems that suport Java. JFDraw ... 1.3.x and Apache Ant, JFDraw will offer you the opportunities to incorporate it ... ports are used to connect shapes by lines ...

Graphics & Design - Picture Editors 2008-01-18 downloaded 131 times 0.5MB

DownloadRoute cool awardAspose.Flash for .NET

... non-graphical .NET Flash management component allowing developers to dynamically generate and ... edit Flash® content directly from .NET applications. It provides support ... for Flash v8, Flash v9, Flash Lite and ActionScript allowing you to create, parse ... and modify flash files. Using Aspose.Flash, you can create banners with animation, menus or ...

Coding Software - Components & Libraries 2010-07-06 downloaded 100 times 15.3MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardTwistedBrush Pro Studio 20.01

... Digital paint software and photo editor with natural art tools. TwistedBrush Pro Studio ... 5,000 brushes, along with all the features that artists love to use ... layers, realistic media, photo cloning, tracing, masks, particles, filters, script recording, scripts ... to AVI, drawing tablet support, brush shapes, patterns, textures, integrated scanner ...

Graphics & Design - Image Filters 2013-09-26 downloaded 128 times 27.93MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardThreeDimSim:3D Mechanics simulator

... powerful 3D mechanics simulation and rendering application. 3D scene is defined by script using ... simple shapes and imported meshes from 3ds, dxf and stl ... files. Mechanics of solid objects are simulated, together with dynamic ... objects like springs and joints. Simulation includes an automatic exact collision detection and collision ...

My Hobby & Education - Science 2017-06-18 downloaded 96 times 4.31MB

DownloadRoute good awardAttache Transparent Clock 1.7

... Transparent desktop clock with fully customizable shape, alarms, and atomic time. It may have ... digital or analog clock face of various colors, sizes and shapes ... for each application you run, so that the clock were clearly visible in any environment. Synchronizing time ... with atomic clock servers. Versatile alarms can be set to run once at specified ...

My Hobby & Education - Time Clocks 2008-01-15 downloaded 74 times 1.5MB

Blackout 1.00

... more parts get added. The wires have different shapes and need to be rotated to constitute ... tough and challenging arcade that requires instant decisions and leaves no room ...

Games Play - Board Games 2008-01-24 downloaded 42 times 2.27MB

MotionGIF 4.1

... create scalable, vector-based drawing objects like text and shapes to keep the flexibility all the time. You ... redo. You can add commonly used images and shapes to the background. It appears on all the ... You can create your own library of objects and reuse them in any other ...

Graphics & Design - Morphers & Animations 2010-04-28 downloaded 40 times 5.25MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardCrystal Path 1.15

... they have prepared for you lots of challenging puzzles. You ... on this path let you go further. The game`s main principle is simple ... touch the bottom of the screen, otherwise the game will be over. The game is packed with ... you tread on the mysterious paths of the puzzle land. ...

Games Play - Puzzle solving and Tetris 2008-01-16 downloaded 50 times 7.15MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardEdraw Max 9.0

... to create flow charts, organizational charts, business diagrams, science illustration, UML diagrams, BPMN diagram, circular diagram, process ... diagram, IDEF diagram, web diagram, work flow diagram, business form, network diagrams, mind map, business cards and database ... business process, UML diagrams, work flows, program structures, network diagrams, chart and graphics, mind map, directional maps and ...

Graphics & Design - Image Filters 2017-09-25 downloaded 265 times 261.74MB

DownloadRoute cool awardCoral Clock 3D Screensaver 1.1

... some traces of the lost Atlantis near the coral reef island and you are submerging into the ... blue sea reveals all secrets to you. Tropical fishes are swimming everywhere and around you. They are ... closely so you think you can touch them. Corals and algae are tangled with each other and ... and fantastic colors and shapes. You enjoy the underwater world and its beauty in silence. In the ...

Screen Savers - Nature & Scenery 2009-05-15 downloaded 68 times 12.44MB

DownloadRoute excellent award

... Ace Screen Capture is designed to make all aspects of screenshots ... complete set of screen capture tools.By using new designed features,you can capture screenshots ... with Shapes Plugins ... and other designed plugins,you can download new designed Shapes Plugins to capture new shapes with no need ... the whole program.Then you can save them in BMP,JPG,TGA,TIFF,PNG,PNM formats or Email to someone.When you use Batch ...

Graphics & Design - Capturing Desktop 2007-07-06 downloaded 72 times 1.47MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardFlash Optimizer Lite for Mac 1.0

Flash Optimizer Lite for Mac is a simple and very useful application that allows compressing Macromedia Flash files in just a few mouse clicks. Using unique algorithms you will be able to compress SWF files up to 40-70% without significant quality loss. This makes Flash Optimizer Lite an indispensable tool for every web-designer to reduce website traffic and save considerable amount of loading time. More features are brought by Standard edition.

Web Design - Flash Tools 2008-01-17 downloaded 55 times 1.24MB

DownloadRoute good awardMGTEK Help Producer 4.0

MGTEK Help Producer is a help authoring tool for Microsoft Windows that allows you to create professional HTML help files and web based content from a Microsoft Word document. Help Producer has support for the popular Microsoft HTML Help 1.0 format, Microsoft Help 2.0 (.NET help), as well as for plain HTML used in web-pages.

Web Design - Reference & Tutorials 2016-02-10 downloaded 86 times 5.77MB

Pairs 1.76

... 3D DirectX memory games for everybody. ... fun memory game of finding the hidden pairs amongst spinning tiles. There are dozens of levels ...

Games Play - Kids 2008-07-13 downloaded 36 times 63.54MB

DownloadRoute cool awardFlash Photo Show 1.1

... Flash Photo Show is ... create amazing video-like slide shows out of your Digital Pictures and Music. You can also use Flash Photo ... Show to convert your Flash Slideshow or any other Flash file to ... Flash Photo Show has ...

Graphics & Design - Photo Organizers 2008-01-20 downloaded 52 times 9.86MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardCreate Your Business Cards 1.5

... easy way to design and print professional looking business cards. The intuitive desktop-publishing-style interface makes adding and manipulating ... solid, or gradient filled rectangles, circles, and other shapes to add ...

Economics - Planners & PPT Presentation 2008-01-31 downloaded 100 times 1.51MB

DownloadRoute good awardXmasGoodies 1

... is filled with free goodies to enhance your Festive Season. In the spotlight for 2005 is ... as printable stocking-fillers, messages for pasting inside your miniature Christmas cards, decorations for your tree and table, gift boxes ... in many shapes and sizes, etc. Comes complete with random gift ...

My Hobby & Education - Parenting 2008-02-01 downloaded 44 times 0.76MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardClassic Tetris 2.1

... Classic Tetris is ... very popular falling blocks puzzle game. It is addicting game. ... shapes composed of four circle blocks each ... object of the game is to manipulate these tetrominoes, by moving each one sideways and rotating it ... horizontal line of blocks without gaps. When such ...

Games Play - Puzzle solving and Tetris 2008-03-29 downloaded 99 times 1.4MB

Amazing Blocks II 1.0

... Blocks II is 3D version of the popular Amazing Blocks game. Here the player can use fast but ... logic to arrange different colored blocks of varying shapes into rows, columns or diagonal lines. Once the ... with some nice graphic effects and sounds. The game is perfectly designed to maintain your interest for ...

Games Play - Puzzle solving and Tetris 2008-01-31 downloaded 59 times 1.97MB

Photo Shaman 1.8T build 30

... ability to create unique thumbnail styles. Add 3D picture frame to your images with various shapes. Apply ... bevel effect of different shapes to your thumbnails. You also can add ... gallery template with the appearance and navigation required. Batch Processing: Process thousands of images with ... send the processed images via e-mail. Picture frames: Create ...

Graphics & Design - Photo Organizers 2008-01-18 downloaded 59 times 4.51MB

WSnap 1.3

... screen capture tool that will help you take snapshots of all elements of the screen, including 3D ... screen capture tool that will help you take snapshots of all elements of the screen, including 3D ...

Graphics & Design - Capturing Desktop 2008-01-20 downloaded 55 times 1.15MB

DownloadRoute good awardFlash Decompiler 2.1

... Flash SWF Decompiler is ... Flash SWF Decompiler is ... fast to convert any SWF into FLA. Flash SWF Decompiler gives power to Flash users to fully reconstruct ... SWF files to quickly accessible Favorites folder. Flash SWF Decompiler will play selected items or show preview of ...

Web Design - Flash Tools 2008-01-18 downloaded 107 times 3.51MB

DownloadRoute cool awardConceptDraw NetDiagrammer Mac 5.5.1

... ConceptDraw NetDiagrammer has been developed for professional computer network diagramming, LAN scanning and visualization, preparation of network documentation, ... and engineers, and for everyone who finds detailed network documentation, diagramming and schematics critical. The software includes large ...

Computer Networking - Other Network Tools 2008-01-18 downloaded 92 times 42.09MB

zannoTate 1.25

... vector-based image annotation and drawing program that makes it easy to create professional ... from simple line item annotation to intricate technical drawings. zannoTate provides all the tools you need for ... documentation. The documents you create can then be embedded in the files of other programs. zannoTate fully ...

Graphics & Design - Picture Editors 2008-01-18 downloaded 29 times 0.01MB

TCAD for Delphi.BCB.Kylix.DotNET 2013.7

... component that will help you write vector graphics applications. Shapes can be interacted with by mouse ... and powerful. It will save you valuable time. Drawing shapes on the designer canvas by mouse actions ... or code. Modifying the drawed shapes. Support multi-layers, printing ... Rotating, Dragging and Scaling the shapes by mouse or code. Aligning the shape in ... combine shape Snapping the mouse point to grids,shape outline. Powerful inspector Locking ...

Coding Software - Delphi & Pascal Programming 2017-07-17 downloaded 98 times 210.64MB

FlashPoint (PowerPoint2Flash) 2.42

... 1.Capture most video clips ... 1.Capture most video clips ...

My Hobby & Education - Learning 2008-01-22 downloaded 46 times 5.95MB

MICR E13B Font 4.1

... specifies the measurements, shapes and tolerances of 14 characters defined in MICR ... Barcodesoft MICR E13B fonts package contains ... MICRBN, MICRBW, MICRL, MICRLN, MICRLW, MICRN, MICRW. These MICR fonts vary slightly in aspect ratios and stroke width ... devices. When print at point size 10, Barcodesoft MICR font is designed to meet requirements of ANSI X9.27 ...

Economics - Barcode Programs 2013-05-04 downloaded 71 times 2.38MB

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