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DownloadRoute excellent awardSight Words Buddy 1.1

... often called the Dolch Word List) are some of the most frequently used words ... language. Even though they number only about 200, Sight Words comprise approximately 50 to 70 percent of general, ... non-technical reading material. Therefore, teaching Sight Words as early as possible is considered ... crucial part of elementary education. Moreover, repetition and practice are essential in making ...

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Sight Words Flash Cards 1.0

... Sight Words Flash Cards can be used with your Pre-School ... age child to help improve their memorization of Sight Words. This app helps children with by having ... fun way to gain exposure to common words while getting ... leg up on learning to read. Recognizing this words can help kids with learn to read by ... memorizing words that are not easily sounded out. Kids can ... to that parents can track progress. Over 200 Words Simple Swipe Interface Progress Tracking Sight Words Flash ...

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All Sight Words 1.0

... off -- Option to clear Flagged words list-----------ABOUT SAI SERVICES LLC:-----------Sai Services LLC is ... to help educate and entertain children. Kindly search “Sai Services LLC” on the Windows Store to find all our ...

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Bingo Card Printer 6.01

... bingo card maker ... generator program. Bingo Card Printer is an easy-to-use program for preparing printable ... custom bingo cards ... also known as "bingo boards ... or "bingo sheets ...

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Web Sergeant 2007

... Drop-down Web Menus are the backbone of any major site ... system and to function must be able to operate regardless of the browser uesd or the security ... design. Web Sergeant automates the correct mark-up of Web Menus allowing error free menu construction. Build web menus ...

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DownloadRoute excellent awardBingo Card Creator 3.00

... Bingo Card Creator lets you print custom bingo cards on your own PC ... set for bingo cards from traditional publishers of educational printables. You ... or tailor make your own set. Bingo Card Creator can print multiple cards per page ... to save paper. Teachers are currently using Bingo Card Creator to teach first grade, second grade, ...

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Bingo Card Creator Mac 3.00

... Bingo Card Creator lets you print custom bingo cards on your own PC ... set for bingo cards from traditional publishers. You can choose from included ... lists (math facts, Dolch sight words, and more ... or tailor make your own set. Bingo Card Creator supports multiple cards on ... single sheet to save paper. Bingo Card Creator will save you an hour of preparation every ...

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My Safety Pin 1.1

... Aid to remembering your pin numbers. Stores your pin number within ... table of random numbers which you print out. Easily retrieve your number ... Wizard guides you step by step converting your pin number into words keys. Zoom feature allows ... smaller table to be used, ideal for people with poor ...

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DownloadRoute excellent awardRocketReader Kids 2.8

... RocketReader Kids teaches children ages ... helping them to confidently master whole word recognition skills. Is your child just starting to learn how ... head start with RocketReader Kids, exciting reading tuition software for kids that is both useful and fun ... The program uses an effective mix of phonics and sight ...

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Sight Word Bingo 2.00

... Dolch sight words are words that kids ... must master reading in order to achieve English reading fluency. Most of these words can not be ... sounded out phonetically, so must be learned. Sight Word Bingo includes ... sets of printable bingo cards with sight words of various levels of difficulty ... idea is that teachers can print out these cards and help. Sight Word Bingo is ...

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