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DownloadRoute cool awardCD-Start 1.2.2

Start your CD with a professional Look! CDStart is flexible and easy to use. * It uses Standard-HTML-Pages and graphics (GIF and JPG) to show your cd - startscreen. * Dont need any third-party-modules like Internet-Explorer or others. * Starts directly from CD (what else?). * Create your personal cd startscreen i.e. as jpg-image and insert it in a html - file. This file must be names "cdstart.htm" and it must be with the

Sys Utils - Other System Programs 2008-01-18 downloaded 82 times 3.22MB

Start-Q 1.3

... Windows startup manager which main purpose is to make FAST Windows ...

Sys Utils - Launchers & Task Utils 2011-01-26 downloaded 109 times 0.92MB

Start Menu 7 6.2

... or old Windows. For your convenience, the interface has been developed ... many new features not available in the system Start menu. If you have many programs, they will all ... because you will be able to stretch the Start menu and resize it any way you like. Start ... Internet or your local computer right from the Start menu with just one keystroke. Easy-to-use zooming allows those ...

Sys Utils - Shell Tools 2018-08-13 downloaded 180 times 6.2MB

Hidden Start 4.1

... Console applications and batch files are regularly run at Windows startup or in ... console window that flickers on the screen. Hidden Start ... or Hstart) is ... lightweight command line utility that allows you to run console applications and batch files without any window ...

Sys Utils - Launchers & Task Utils 2011-12-01 downloaded 53 times 0.94MB

@Start Page 3.1

... page for your Internet Explorer browser that is truly yours for free ... resides locally on your computer and unlike many web pages, loads instantly, regardless of the speed of ... Start allows you to create custom links for the sites you use most. ... Start provides you with instant access to your favorites and history. Get access to the latest news ...

Computer Networking - Browser Add-Ons 2008-01-16 downloaded 86 times 0.63MB

Start Menu 8

... users, specifically designed to bring back the familiar Classic Start Menu to Windows ... the latest Window 10 start menu and Windows Classic Start Menu. It also provides multiple start menus for Windows ...

Sys Utils - Other System Programs 2018-06-12 downloaded 147 times 11.46MB

My Start Button 1.1.1

... name, your football team, your name on your start button. Type your company name on start buttons ... your company.Type what ever you want on your start button ...

Sys Utils - Launchers & Task Utils 2008-01-25 downloaded 75 times 0.76MB

Seven Classic Start 1.75

... with all features of the genuine Start menu, Seven Classic Start is the long-awaited alternative to the new and ... unwelcome launch system. Seven Classic Start simplifies and streamlines the upgrade path when upgrading ...

Sys Utils - Launchers & Task Utils 2012-06-01 downloaded 46 times 1.02MB

3DMasterKit Start 3.7

... flip, animation, morphing and zoom. The application generates ... via devices, such as lenticular lens, stereoscopes, anaglyph and LSD shutter glasses and without any devices ... Maximum size of the generated lenticular images ... Lenticular flip of two frames ...

Graphics & Design - Authoring 2012-02-04 downloaded 143 times 22.84MB

Start ScreenSaver 1.0

Start Screen Saver, Lock Computer / Workstation, Configure Screen Saver, Change Default Screen Saver Easily. Setup Creates Shortcuts for accessing all the functions of the utility easily. System Wide Hot Key can be defined for Shortcuts (by using Shortcut Properties) to access the features of the utility by pressing system wide hot key on the keyboard.

Sys Utils - Launchers & Task Utils 2008-09-01 downloaded 58 times 0.29MB

Start-LearningPowershell 1.0

Start-LearningPowerShell collects articles, videos, walkthrus, and more to help you learn Windows PowerShell. It's constantly updated with Get-Help about built in cmdlet or about topic Get PowerShell Content from around the Web

Sys Utils - Other System Programs 2013-06-13 downloaded 21 times 0MB

Start Menu X 6.2

... compatible with Windows 10. The new Windows10 reintroduced the Start menu, and access to desktop ... powerful, customizable Start Menu to Windows 10, 8, 7, or XP. Unlike other Windows ... programs may have difficulties, even with the new Windows 10, since the program list is full of ...

Sys Utils - Launchers & Task Utils 2018-08-31 downloaded 261 times 6.43MB

Start Menu 8 6.11

... will return the Start Menu and Start Button to your OS. This is ... convenient way of starting programs and shutting down your PC. Start Menu ... your mouse wheel to find what you need. Start Menu ... time. You can change the skins of the Start Button in the program settings. Start Menu ...

Sys Utils - Launchers & Task Utils 2017-08-08 downloaded 180 times 6.2MB

My Start Menu 1.21

... With the Windows start menu replacement My Start Menu you easily customize your personal start menu for ... Windows according to your needs. My Start Menu combines valuable features of ... customizable start menu with the familiar user interface of Windows Explorer. ...

Sys Utils - Launchers & Task Utils 2017-03-05 downloaded 17 times 1.95MB

Start Hotspot 1.21.0

... Worlds first mobile hotspot app for Android that can control bandwidth of ... MAC and current download and upload rates.Worlds first mobile hotspot app for Android that can control bandwidth of ...

Live Communications - Connection & Call Tools 2017-06-30 downloaded 44 times 16MB

Start Menu 10 6.2

... you have launched most recently. OrdinarySoft been producing alternative menus start for more than 10 years and have ...

Sys Utils - Launchers & Task Utils 2018-08-31 downloaded 64 times 6.42MB

Start Master 2.0

Sart Master: Allows you a simple handling and complete control of applications which starts with Windows. The controlled starting mode makes it possible to start the programs in a defined order and optionaly specify a delay between them.

Sys Utils - Launchers & Task Utils 2010-05-18 downloaded 35 times 0.32MB

Start Button 8 6.11

... convenient solution that is safe for your Windows. You will get ... add and create your own skins for the Start Button. Start Button ... is fully compatible with older versions of Windows. This installation package contains ... cool skin for the Start button or create your own one. ...

Sys Utils - Shell Tools 2017-08-07 downloaded 175 times 6.2MB

DownloadRoute good awardCD Start-It Lite 1.0.2

... versatile software package which allows users to create auto starting CD-ROMs. Presentations made with CD Start-It can ... Splash Screens, Drive Icons, and the ability to automatically start any file from CD ... including Microsoft PowerPoint presentations). CD Start-It works by allowing users to specify ...

Sys Utils - Automation Utils 2008-01-20 downloaded 63 times 3.89MB

Start PDM 1.3

... docking rectangle floats on your desktop. It comes with an art module loaded with ... module to manage and easily access your personal data. The art module is loaded with 30 high ... choice, which then instantly transforms into your custom Start PDM image. The data module uses very advanced ... extremely useful. Think about having all your personal data, names, address, account numbers, bank numbers, ... web ...

Desktop Tuning - Desktop & Shell Tools 2013-11-07 downloaded 108 times 1.97MB

QuickTrack Start 7

Quicktrack start allow you to track items, assets and loans using a barcode reader

Economics - Barcode Programs 2010-03-24 downloaded 60 times 6.02MB

Start Menu XP 6.11

... just like it did in Windows XP. This feature allows you to use all ... Since these groups are virtual, you won ... see empty folders after uninstalling the programs. Groups can be ...

Sys Utils - Launchers & Task Utils 2017-08-14 downloaded 104 times 6.2MB

Win8 Start Menu 1.73

... find the application you want to run. The Handy Start Menu program allows you to get rid of this ... When you start using the Handy Start Menu, the menu folders become shortcuts. ... them. It is important to note that the Handy Start Menu only applies ...

Sys Utils - Launchers & Task Utils 2012-11-03 downloaded 28 times 7.39MB

Super Start Menu 1.40

... The Super Start Menu places ... boxes to expand folders. The Start Menu will remember expanded folders even after closing and ... replacement Start Button that fits my needs and ... users. Super Start Menu has been designed to be ...

Sys Utils - Shell Tools 2013-02-21 downloaded 34 times 0.89MB

Pokki Start Menu 260.11.291

... The New York Times "Pokki for Windows ... IT World "Pokki is ... Get free desktop apps and games from the included ... new version of Pokki®, which makes the Windows ... experience better, is available for free download. Pokki for Windows ...

Sys Utils - Launchers & Task Utils 2013-03-22 downloaded 39 times 0.78MB

FSS Start Menu 8

FSS Start Menu 8 is a free lightweight tool which provides the classic start menu for your Windows 8 system. It introduces an easy way to maintain your previous computer habits.

Sys Utils - Launchers & Task Utils 2013-05-20 downloaded 31 times 10.15MB

Start Menu Reviver

... PCs. Start Menu Reviver is the only Start Menu utility to revive ... the Microsoft Windows Start menu, not just replace it. It restores the ... new Windows vision by being truly touchscreen friendly. Start Menu Reviver also offers true customization and versatility like no ...

Sys Utils - Launchers & Task Utils 2014-09-24 downloaded 87 times 7.61MB

1st4Fans IK Start edition 1.0

Unashamedly IK Start-centric live scores, commentary, news, fixtures, results and opinion. Because you just don't care that much about other teams :)Why just get your IK Start fix by trawling the web yourself when you can get all the news in one place?Some reviews from around the world:"Fast and complete app for fans, includes next matches, news, opinions and competition tables as well as videos and some additional stuff.""Great app bringing together all team news. Live tiles really liven up my start screen!""It's an awesome app for a fan."Features:- The latest news and opinion from around the web- Live scores, commentary and news can be snapped to the side of your screen- Live tile with latest news and next match info- Match reports and stats- Complete fixtures and results- League tables updated live during matches- Share interesting articles with your friends The latest news and opinion from around the web Live scores, commentary and news can be snapped to the side of your screen

My Hobby & Education - Recreation & Sports 2013-06-22 downloaded 31 times 0MB

Start Screen Unlimited

... Unleash the full power of Windows ... Start Screen with Start Screen Unlimited! This little tool will unlock the hidden abilities ... Start Screen, allowing you to add numerous gadgets such as digital clock, Google search, power controls ... or the entire Control Panel directly to the start screen. The ability to customize your Start Screen with ...

Desktop Tuning - Desktop & Shell Tools 2014-12-23 downloaded 112 times 2.21MB

Start up business advisor 1.5

Concordo Limited is a City based firm that offers specialised services in a wide range of areas. We offer expert services in a variety of areas such as Debt collection service London and Start up business advisor London Wimbledon,Accounting, Tax Planning London, Compliance Consulting and HR Management.Contact us for further details and query : Email: +44 (0) 203 397 4312

Economics - Other Marketing Progs 2015-04-03 downloaded 56 times 3.73MB

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