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Unison 2.48.3

... systems. Moreover, Unison works ... Unlike simple mirroring or backup utilities, Unison can deal with updates to ... distributed filesystem, Unison is ... Unison is free; full source code is available under the GNU ...

Sys Utils - Disks & Files Manage 2015-02-05 downloaded 137 times 2.5MB

Multipoint Unison 1.04

Multipoint chorus of slightly detuned voices.

Audio & Mp3 - Music Makers 2012-04-12 downloaded 318 times 1MB

A Musical Tutorial 3.1

... staff Sight Read Drill-Read notes in the time provided. In Continuous ... Mode mentally identify notes Piano Keys-Identify notes on staff by clicking correct piano ... key Scales-Display scales/broken chords as they play. Step Mode plays ... displays one note/chord at ...

My Hobby & Education - Music Learn 2013-02-12 downloaded 70 times 2.73MB

Angelina 1.1

... This instrument uses formant synthesis to generate rich, breathy pads sounds. The synthesis ... formant filters. The filters are controlled with an ultra-slick ... pads are possible, thanks to the combination of unison mode, granular delay, chorus and reverb. The midi ... automation capabilities of Angelina are perfect for these long, evolving, breathy synth ...

Audio & Mp3 - Gadgets & PlugIns 2011-01-29 downloaded 191 times 0.98MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardMopis 1.2.2

... high-quality semi-modular software synthesizer that combines traditional subtractive synthesis with sample resynthesis. ... Subtractive synthesis creates the same sounds that analog synths have used for years, using basic waveforms-- ... warm, non-linear, analog-style filter, so you can get your favorite analog ...

Audio & Mp3 - Music Makers 2008-01-21 downloaded 449 times 12.72MB

Fatsondo 2.0.2

... VST plugins which has been tailored made for the creation ... polyphonic unison mode, ... which can be extended with the unison function ...

Audio & Mp3 - Gadgets & PlugIns 2008-01-16 downloaded 176 times 2.98MB

.NET Bar Graph Component - KineticaRT 1.0

... The KineticaRT Bar Graph Instrumentation .NET Component is fast, easy to configure and supports live update ... member of the KineticaRT family of components, which can be used separately or in unison ... to build applications for instrumentation, hmi, control, monitoring and test automation. You can embed ... the flexible look-and-feel makes it ideal for virtual control panels. It is typically used to display values from ...

Coding Software - Components & Libraries 2012-05-24 downloaded 88 times 0.49MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardFatsondo Mac 2.0.2

... The Fatsondo MIDI Synthesizer is ... been tailored made for the creation of fat sounds. In addition, it has ... polyphonic unison mode, ... which can be extended with the unison function ...

Audio & Mp3 - Music Makers 2008-01-21 downloaded 187 times 2.98MB

SyvirCom Std. 1.01

... Real time virtual computer shows your PC working. SyvirCom monitors the main ... hardware on your computer. The virtual reality simulations change in unison with changes on ... the systems motherboard. The Motherboard is based on ... SyvirCom monitors the computers processor, as load changes are detected, the CPU ...

Sys Utils - Other System Programs 2017-07-09 downloaded 65 times 6.14MB

ProjectX1 1.01

... an add on unison oscillator which includes ... an add on unison oscillator which includes ...

Audio & Mp3 - Other Misc 2009-05-30 downloaded 441 times 1.97MB

System Cleaner for Mac 1.2.7

MacCleanse is a small yet powerful application geared towards purifying your system. In only seconds, it can perform over fifty tasks which would take nearly an hour to perform manually. Safely erasing caches, logs, cookies, histories, and more... MacCleanse won't miss a thing and could reclaim hundreds of megabytes of storage space.

Sys Utils - Operating System Maintenance 2010-05-27 downloaded 39 times 7.3MB


... NAS4Free is an embedded Open Source Storage NAS (Network-Attached Storage ... series project. NAS4Free is based on FreeBSD 9.x whereas FreeNAS ... that users are not confused about both projects. NAS4Free supports sharing across Windows, Apple, and UNIX-like systems. ...

Computer Networking - File Sharing Programs 2014-04-28 downloaded 179 times 163MB

Sequencer 1.0

... you desktop PC or tablet.The free version of sequencer comes with ... value by one.Tap oscillator name to turn three-waveform unison mode on and off.Amplitude envelope can be changed ...

Audio & Mp3 - Other Misc 2013-06-09 downloaded 259 times 0MB