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DownloadRoute excellent awardVirtualBox 4.2.18

... Some of the features of VirtualBox are ... Modularity. VirtualBox has an extremely modular design with well-defined internal ... machine from the command line, or possibly remotely. VirtualBox also comes with ... Guest Additions for Windows and Linux. VirtualBox has special software that can be installed inside ... Shared folders. Like many other virtualization solutions, for easy data exchange between hosts and ...

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Aryson for VirtualBox VDI Recovery 17.10

... Aryson VirtualBox VDI Recovery Tool is very beneficial to recover and repair the ... types of disks such as fixed or dynamic. VDI Recovery Software supports all type of file system in which ... EXTX. Virtualbox Repair tool strongly supports both partition table i.e., ...

Sys Utils - Disks & Files Manage 2017-11-23 downloaded 10 times 1.32MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardMimosa Scheduling Software Trial 7.2.0

... scheduling software application for creating timetables in any type or size of school or ... university. It can also be used to schedule conferences, shift plans, training programmes, festivals and many ... environments. It is the solution of choice in schools and businesses in over 80 countries and on ...

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VisualDDK 1.5.2

... VisualDDK is an extension to Visual Studio 2005 ... 2008, that allows developing and debugging drivers directly from Visual Studio IDE. It includes Driver ... Wizard, debugger plugin for Visual Studio and Driver Launcher. Additionally it allows executing all WinDbg commands ... console window integrated into Visual Studio. If you are using VMWare or VirtualBox, you ...

Coding Software - Program Debuggers 2011-04-30 downloaded 93 times 2.12MB

MediaHeal for Virtual Drives 1.5.18402.1

Retrieves files from corrupted virtual drive(.vhd,.vmdk,.ova,.xva,.img). Supported virtual drive formats: VMDK, VHD, IMG, OVA, XVA with FAT or NTFS file systems. The recovered data is saved into a new user-selected location to prevent damage to the original data. Repairs corrupted file systems (FAT, NTFS) of virtual drives. Supports VHD disks created with Microsoft VirtualPC, Sun xVM VirtualBox. Supports VMDK disks created with VMware Workstation, VMware Player, VMware Server, VMware ESX Server.

Sys Utils - Data Recovery 2014-06-17 downloaded 104 times 455.13MB

Paragon Go Virtual (32-bit) 1.0

... Paragon Go Virtual provides support for these major virtual machine vendors ... Oracle VirtualBox Paragon Software Group, the technology leader in data ...

Sys Utils - Disks & Files Manage 2010-07-16 downloaded 58 times 27.15MB

Paragon Go Virtual (64-bit) 1.0

... Paragon Go Virtual provides support for these major virtual machine vendors ...

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Partition Guru Free 3.8

... storage card and even VMware, Virtual PC and VirtualBox virtual disk files. It is featured with the ...

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Wake-On-LAN Virtual Machine 1.0.373

... not enough resources or performance to keep every virtual machine running the solution is to start virtual machines ... only when needed. Wake-On-LAN Virtual Machine implements the Wake-On-LAN computer networking standard to turn ... on virtual machines. When the program starts it searches for existing ...

Computer Networking - Remote PC Management 2014-04-23 downloaded 111 times 4.86MB

FreeDOS 1.1

... complete, free, DOS-compatible operating system. While we provide our own programs and utilities, ... to run any program that was intended for MS-DOS. You can even do networking ... However, you may experience problems running Windows on FreeDOS. For example, Windows standard-mode works on FreeDOS, but ...

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VMFS Recover 3.4

Restore data from VMFS/VMware disks and computer images from ESX servers, safe and corrupted RAID arrays, even without a RAID controller . VMFS Recovery is an indispensable tool for anyone using virtual machines and disks, including VMware, VirtualPC, VirtualBox, Parallels, EnCase, ProDiscover disk images. Supports VMFS partitions up to 64 TB, files up to 2TB, drives with more than 100,000 files. it features vSphere 6.5 and ESX Server support.

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... openQRM is the next generation, Open Source Data Center Management and Cloud Computing Platform designed ... Interface, the HTTP API or the command line. openQRM integrates with all commonly used virtualization and storage ... Linux KVM, XEN, Citrix XenServer, VMWare ESX ...

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CacheGuard EH-1.3.6

... forwarding and reverse proxy cache, ... HP, IBM, VMware, Hyper-V, Proxmox Linux KVM and VirtualBox are supported. CacheGuard-OS is based on ... England by the developers of CacheGuard-OS to commercialize Web Security and Optimization solutions based on CacheGuard-OS. CacheGuard-OS is ... powerful Web Gateway Appliance. Contact 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London ...

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Stellar Phoenix Virtual Machine Data Recovery 2.0

... Stellar Phoenix Virtual Machine Data Recovery is ... file types. For VirtualBox and Virtual PC the file types supported are ... as well as Linux OS based computers. Stellar Virtual Machine Data Recovery addresses all small and big reasons for which ...

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