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Windows 7 Black Windows Theme 1.0

... up your computer desktop with amazing images of Windows 7. Windows ... Black Windows Theme contain 30 high quality backgrounds. Backgrounds ... Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows ...

Desktop Tuning - Wallpapers & Backgrounds 2013-02-14 downloaded 150 times 12.29MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardWindows 7 6.1 build 7600.16385.090713-12

... is the next release of the Windows client operating system, built on the secure foundation of Windows Vista ... and Windows Server 2008. Performance, reliability, security, and compatibility are ... the best-performing and most stable Windows operating system to date. New innovations in the product are ... new version of Windows Media Center,Gadgets being integrated into Windows Explorer, ... Gadget for Windows Media Center, the ability to visually pin and ...

Sys Utils - Other System Programs 2009-10-21 downloaded 262 times 2382.81MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardOut n About! for Windows 6.2

... for Windows is an Out ... for Windows is an In ... Out Status Board with integrated Phone Message Pad and Event Calendar. Out ... is the ideal solution for receptionists or managers to track the whereabouts of employees ... out status boards commonly used in organizations. Out ...

Live Communications - Voice over Internet Protocol 2010-03-22 downloaded 132 times 1.44MB

ED for Windows

... ED for Windows is ... Progress, VHDL, Fortran, Matlab, Java, PHP, Perl or one of the many other languages ED ...

Coding Software - Tools & Binary, Hex Editors 2008-01-16 downloaded 125 times 5.61MB

Perspective for Windows 2.1.1803.4

... Background Switcher for Windows 10 with 26 Eye-Caching Desktop Wallpaper Transitions, 3D ... Background Switcher for Windows 10 with 26 Eye-Caching Desktop Wallpaper Transitions, 3D ...

Desktop Tuning - Wallpapers & Backgrounds 2018-03-04 downloaded 158 times 6.1MB

BrickBreak for Windows 2.3

Use your paddle to destroy all bricks on every level. Unique graphics, stereo sounds, and a high playability make BrickBreak a modern version of a classic game that you will love to play! 10 levels are free. Also available for Mac/MacOSX and Palm)

Games Play - Arcade 2008-01-23 downloaded 56 times 3.28MB

Bloxter (for Windows) 1.5.0

... 3D action puzzle game that combines color-matching fun with the thrill ... colored blocks flying towards your screen.A 3D action puzzler that combines color-matching fun with the thrill of ...

Games Play - Arcade 2011-04-20 downloaded 57 times 2.48MB

DownloadRoute excellent award

MSCExec allows you to call OS command or launch an application right from your script. You can set parameters for the call and check results.

Coding Software - ActiveX 2008-02-12 downloaded 78 times 0.8MB

... active state, view all coordinates, class name selected ... active state, view all coordinates, class name selected ...

Sys Utils - Shell Tools 2007-07-01 downloaded 118 times 0.59MB

Windows 7 Themes 1.0

... Support for themes has been extended in Windows 7. In addition to setting the colors of ... the window chrome, desktop background, desktop icons, mouse pointers and sound schemes, themes in ... include desktop slideshow settings. Windows ... allowing the user to set each option individually. Themes can only be used in Windows ...

Desktop Tuning - Windows Themes 2011-02-13 downloaded 117 times 2.42MB

AdGuard for Windows 6.2

... Why choose AdGuard? Ad blocking ... tailor the safest web experience for their kids. AdGuard is ... protection against viruses and other types of malware. AdGuard effectively removes erotic, fraudulent advertisements and is widely ... used for parental control too. AdGuard´s main audiences are active Internet users, 3G modem ...

Computer Networking - Pop-Up & Ad Stoppers 2017-12-02 downloaded 207 times 0.17MB

Jaksta for Windows

... MP3s from virtually any site, including YouTube, video, chat and music sites. Automatically converts to MP3, ... AVI, WMV, MP4 and more. Saves files to your PC at ... Select the format you wish to convert your videos and music into from the main screen. Once ... you automatically. You can save to AVI, MPEG-4, WMV. MP3, or formats specific to iPhone, iPad, Apple ...

Computer Networking - Internet Download Managers 2014-07-30 downloaded 115 times 20.4MB

Auralia for Windows

... Auralia is comprehensive ear training software for beginners, students and professionals ... Auralia has thousands of questions, across 41 topics. Intervals, scales, chords, rhythm, melodic dictation, tuning, jazz progressions ... Use your mouse to enter answers, tap in rhythms, sing intervals, plugin your MIDI keyboard ...

Audio & Mp3 - Other Misc 2014-10-27 downloaded 336 times 56.68MB

Musition for Windows

... Understand music theory and become ... Learning music theory with Musition is fun and easy. All the fundamentals are ... allowing you to play and view musical examples. Musition's courses seamlessly integrate drills and lessons, automatically guiding ... Regardless of how you learn music theory with Musition, all of your scores are recorded, enabling you ...

My Hobby & Education - Music Learn 2014-10-27 downloaded 96 times 56.45MB

Windows Bible 2.6

... Bible for Windows with the following features ... Over 600 Pictures, thanks to Jeffrey W. Hamilton at La Vista ... Unlimited Book Markers, Notes ... stories are easy to get to. Just click bible stories in the menu bar, scroll to name and ...

My Hobby & Education - Spirit & Religion 2012-03-04 downloaded 71 times 69.6MB

Windows Shell 1.2.0

... Windows Shell is excellent utility which improve your efficiency. You ... will value its colored interface and transparency. This shell has indeed gorgeous interface. Appearance of Windows Shell ... mouse as well. Windows Shell is distributed absolutely free. No trial terms, no ... not contain any malware or viruses. Download this shell absolutely free and enjoy it. ...

Sys Utils - Shell Tools 2013-11-19 downloaded 85 times 1.14MB

Windows Keylogger 2012

... The Windows Keylogger program you download here is only ... to have because of the high-quality performance on parental control AthTek Keylogger is one of the best keylogger ... programs for Windows users. It is widely used for parental control ... used, as well as keystrokes they have typed. Windows Keylogger has been taken as all-in-one parental control ... This Windows Keylogger program will help you to find out the answers. ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Keystroke Logging 2012-01-19 downloaded 50 times 5.15MB

DownloadRoute excellent award

... MSCABImage (captcha code) is the best cure from nasty posting bots ... extra protected from recognition with adding random noise.MSCABImage (captcha code) is the best cure from nasty posting bots ...

Web Design - ASP & PHP 2008-01-31 downloaded 85 times 0.87MB

PageSucker Windows 3.2

... by using the Software Update control panel. For Windows and selected UNIX platforms, get the Java Runtime ...

Computer Networking - Internet Download Managers 2008-01-15 downloaded 78 times 1.72MB

Windows WinBest 2013

... and maintain your computer in good state. Using Windows WinBest ... settings, as per your requirements,clean junk files and Windows registry. further, WinBest has more than 50 tools ... are designed for you using. ...

Sys Utils - Operating System Maintenance 2012-12-25 downloaded 39 times 3.96MB

1Password for Windows

... and Windows and mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod ... -Automatically Keep Your Data in Sync on PCs, Macs, and iOS devices ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Password Managers 2014-06-11 downloaded 82 times 4.87MB

ARIA For Windows 1.1

... is the ultimate media player for MAC and Windows PC ... fully featured KARAOKE MODE. The Aria Karaoke player has the ability to change the key ... easy for the whole family to enjoy the karaoke action. Unlike other karaoke systems, Aria truly makes ... it easy to purchase karaoke files, because there is ...

Audio & Mp3 - Sound Players 2011-01-13 downloaded 295 times 25.3MB

Windows 7 Tweaker 3.8

... main categories, and access to 35 Windows tools (Device Manager, Registry Editor, DirectX Troubleshooter, Disk Cleanup, etc ... Tweaker is small, efficient and easy to use tweaker.SuRe Softwares have created Windows ... main categories, and access to 35 Windows tools (Device Manager, Registry Editor, DirectX Troubleshooter, Disk Cleanup, etc ...

Sys Utils - Operating System Maintenance 2011-05-04 downloaded 92 times 3.41MB

Extensions for Windows 1.0

... Extensions for Windows is the first community driven, modular upgrade for ... Windows XP and Vista. It contains numerous new features, tools and applications ... seamlessly integrated with Windows, such as Video Converter ... Extended Windows Explorer ... product that significantly broadens the functionality of both Windows XP and Vista. Extensions for Windows is the ... first community driven, modular upgrade for Windows XP and Vista and contains ...

Sys Utils - Operating System Maintenance 2010-05-28 downloaded 40 times 15.17MB

SuperDonate - Windows 1.1

... Donating to charity with SuperDonate is simple and safe. After installing the application, ... you simply choose the charity you want to earn money for. You can ... now minimize SuperDonate to ... it will continue working in the background. Since SuperDonate only activates when your computer is idle, you ...

My Hobby & Education - Hobby Tools 2010-05-15 downloaded 34 times 18.93MB

DDCSV for Windows 1.053

... software, which helps to do the Auto-pagination within Adobe Illustrator. DDCSV uses ... software, which helps to do the Auto-pagination within Adobe Illustrator. DDCSV uses ... your Illustrator document. When you drop the documents, DDCSV changes DDCSV tags to word which you specified. ... Even you changed DDCSV-Tags, you can rewrite them by Drag and Drop ...

Graphics & Design - Other Design Utils 2010-05-17 downloaded 28 times 2.13MB

DownloadRoute excellent award

... convert PCs to thin clients 2X ThinClientServer makes the move to thin client computing easy ... to thin clients and centrally manage thin client devices from any ... screen size, Applications that users have access to, Terminal Server name and more ...

Internet Servers - Other 2007-07-04 downloaded 80 times 6.77MB

PlayPad Windows CE 1.12

... Easy to use Windows CE ... digital audio, music and mp3 player software. Create playlists, play music and listen to ... slow down your Windows CE device like other media players. PlayPad can ...

Mobiles - Windows Mobile 2010-06-19 downloaded 70 times 1.48MB

DownloadRoute cool award

... crossplatform tool to create webbrowser based puzzles from pictures. It works on MacOSX, Linux, Windows. ... Create and Share puzzles with your friends ... function to upload your puzzle to site (Web Publish ...

Games Play - Editors & Tools 2008-01-17 downloaded 45 times 1.15MB

iTALC for Windows 1.0.13

... didactical tool for teachers. It enables the teacher to view and control computers in ... didactical tool for teachers. It enables the teacher to view and control computers in ...

Computer Networking - Other Network Tools 2011-01-07 downloaded 118 times 8.9MB

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