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Zone One 1.0

... Fujitsu ScanSnap Scanner. The program will search the output PDF ... is to be used to name the file, Zone One utilizes EasyPatterns when searching text and applies ... new document arrives from the ScanSnap scanner, the text is extracted and searched with ... using this method the user has validated results. Zone One realizes that OCR is not perfect and ...

Economics - Other Marketing Progs 2010-03-04 downloaded 39 times 15.42MB

Glory Zone 1.4

... 3D arcade style space shooter with an integrated mp3 player. Highly addictive action game with ... can put up to 50 of your favorite mp3 songs into the music player ...

Games Play - Arcade 2010-05-31 downloaded 89 times 0.75MB

DownloadRoute good awardComix Zone 1.0

... very simple yet unique fighting game where you are inside of ... jumping from cell to cell as you combat. Sketch Turner was ... starving comic book artist, living with his pet rat Roadkill... that ... his cartoon villain, Mortus, to life and imprisoned Sketch within the pages of his own comic book. ...

Games Play - Action / Shooter Games 2008-01-20 downloaded 86 times 2.11MB

Zone Clock 2.0.0

... multi Time Zone clock from UK Software. using ... great looking interface, you can choose from over 26 world time ... zones to be shown on rotation at ... user defined interval in seconds. You can also show time zones on demand and even freeze ... selected time zone of your choice. The settings are very easy ... settings window. One of the best features of Zone Clock are the changing backgrounds depending on the current ...

Economics - Other Marketing Progs 2008-01-19 downloaded 60 times 2.82MB

Time Zone 4B 1.0

... time zone and rename it for the city that you ... different analogue clock styles. TimeZone4b is ... time zone and rename it for the city that you ...

Sys Utils - Other System Programs 2013-06-13 downloaded 16 times 0MB

Reflexology ( ZONE ) 1.0

... any color can be created Print out functionSoftware Reflexology. It is possible to test any zone ...

My Hobby & Education - Nutrition 2009-08-22 downloaded 41 times 13.29MB

Rest Zone 1

... Guide your character out of the zone with your mouse, but don ... bump the sides.Guide your character out of the zone with your mouse, but don ...

Games Play - Arcade 2008-04-25 downloaded 49 times 0.15MB

Chat Zone 1.0

... Learn more http ...

Live Communications - Messengers & Chat 2010-05-14 downloaded 60 times 1.97MB

Speed Zone 1.0

Avoid being hit by on coming traffic and blast your way through the board. Game similar to an earlier arcade gem.

Games Play - Arcade 2010-05-16 downloaded 39 times 2.08MB

Norton Zone

... Norton Zone powered by Symantec is ... GB of online file storageNorton Zone powered by Symantec is ...

Computer Networking - Other Network Tools 2013-07-08 downloaded 109 times 13MB

Out of Comfort Zone 1.0

... Out of Comfort Zone is the personal and professional blog of Fred. ... fun to write them. Read, and comments on Out of Comfort Zone blog post Bookmarks, and share amazing posts ...

My Hobby & Education - Maps & Weather 2013-06-08 downloaded 22 times 0MB

A platformer with great bosses and graphics. Nice level variety and sound.

Games Play - Arcade 2008-01-25 downloaded 52 times 2.63MB

Drop Zone 1.0

Take control of your robot as it plummets towards the planet. Try to land on the floating platforms to prevent crashing. Collect bonus items scattered across some platform for extra points!You can control the robot using the mouse or keyboard (arrow keys or A/D keys).If you are using a touch screen, simply tap the screen as instructed. Tap left/right of the robot to move in the desired direction. Endless platform game Free!

Games Play - Action / Shooter Games 2013-06-22 downloaded 30 times 0MB

Jewel Zone 1.0

... In this jewel matching puzzle game, you can swap jewels to align them in ... In this jewel matching puzzle game, you can swap jewels to align them in ...

Games Play - Puzzle solving and Tetris 2009-05-22 downloaded 43 times 1.15MB

Media Zone Trigger 3

... This is an Interactive Digital Signage software that uses ... webcam to control the sequencing of audio and video on one or many displays, this way what ... can be completely customized for your needs. Media Zone Trigger can load most video file formats, Flash ... animation, images and sound files. This software is Useful for advertising, show booths, art presentations, ...

Economics - Planners & PPT Presentation 2010-03-24 downloaded 49 times 9.3MB

Time Zone Calculator 1.2

... Free Time Zone Calculator will help you calculate time differences between ... different world time zones. Accounting for daylight saving time ... major cities of the world complete with their time zones and DST settings, Time Zone Calculator is your ... solution for calculating the difference in time between world time zones. Offering the ability to calculate time differences between ... the many world time zones, Time Zone Calculator is ... one-click solution to convert time from any time zone into another. Conversions are available from UTC ...

Economics - Calc & Conversion 2010-01-07 downloaded 58 times 0.42MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardWebcam Zone Trigger 3.302

... Zone Trigger is the first multi-purpose motion detection software. This means that motion detection isn ... just for security anymore. Specify zones to monitor on the live ... different actions for each zone. Create complex custom motion detection systems for your project ... sectors as Art, Marketing, Quality control, automated inventory, security and monitoring, motion detection has never hit so ...

Computer Networking - WebCams Apps 2014-09-24 downloaded 77 times 9.83MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardTime Zone Helper 3.5

... time zone and current time with just one click, and ... time zone chart with one more click ... Time Zone Helper lets you set up different time zones ... time zone overlap chart into the email you send, so you ... can be customized with names, locations and time zones, and even shows which people are on the ... same day of the week. Buy Time Zone Helper online ...

Economics - Planners & PPT Presentation 2014-03-25 downloaded 61 times 1.46MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardNo Fly Zone Screensaver 2.24

... Watch moving images of military fighter jets cruising across your screen as ... screensaver, including images of the F-22 Raptor, the F-117 Nighthawk, the B-2 Stealth Bomber, and ... are detailed and look exactly like the actual aircraft. Many other types of aircraft are also shown, ...

Screen Savers - Flight 2008-05-27 downloaded 84 times 0.75MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardAudio Zone Trigger 1.6

... Audio Zone Trigger is ... sound detection software. It takes live audio from any input ... user-specified manner. The sound-detection system lets you set any number of Triggers ... The triggers can also dynamicaly adap to the environment ... detect only sound peeks. You can set each trigger`s sensitivity and actions individually, giving you full control. ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Covert Surveillance 2008-01-19 downloaded 63 times 1.94MB

Animal Zone for Kids 1.0

... Animal Zone for Kids is an easy and straight forward ... Facts about Animals Animal Quiz Match the following Animal Zone for Kids is an easy and straight forward app for ...

Graphics & Design - Miscellaneous 2013-06-19 downloaded 30 times 0MB

Playing Zone ChessOK v.287

... Watching games being played ... You can view the list of all games being played by mentioning opponents ... and rating and time control. Any of the games being played is available for watching with automatical ...

Games Play - Board Games 2008-01-17 downloaded 77 times 5.87MB

Security Zone Manager 1.0

... Plaxoft Security Zone Manager is the first internet security tool to unleash the power of Microsoft Internet ... Explorer security zones. With Security Zone Manager you can easily identify insecure websites and ... move them to the restricted security zone with just one click. The integrated configuration assistant ... it lets you confirm any ActiveX usage for websites which are in the default internet zone. Just ... avoid any contact with viruses or Trojan horses. Security Zone Manager increases your online privacy. You can ...

Privacy Protection & Security - AntiSpam & Anti-Spy 2008-01-24 downloaded 40 times 1.77MB

Time Zone Map 2.5.2

... time in other cities and countries around the world as accurately as possible. We have built in ... functionality to know when various locations around the world switch into and out of daylight savings. If ... the bottom of the screen to relate the timezone you have selected to GMT ... wakeup call, which is perfect for world travelers. You choose the location and tell us ...

Computer Networking - Timers & Time Synchronizing 2008-01-18 downloaded 50 times 1.46MB

DownloadRoute cool award

... Earth time zone is an interactive 3D global Time zone, show ... standard times, allows you to add any country Timezone, Find time zone information by country name around ... in,zoom out the whole globe etc. Earth time zone allowing you to set up variety of the ...

Desktop Tuning - Desktop & Shell Tools 2006-12-05 downloaded 90 times 2.59MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardNutriGenie Omega Rx Zone Diet 7.9

... latest zone diet software is the perfect complement to Barry Sears ... Rx Zone, as well as Mastering the Zone, Zone Food Blocks, and the Top 100 Zone Foods. ... In fact, NutriGenie Omega Rx Zone Diet Software significantly enhances the Omega Rx Zone diet ... as prescribed by Sears. NutriGenie Omega Rx Zone Diet automatically calculates the Protein, Carbohydrate and Fat blocks ... for every food item, whether it is in the provided NutriGenie ...

My Hobby & Education - Nutrition 2008-01-19 downloaded 75 times 1.9MB

DownloadRoute good awardNTP Time Zone Clock 3.0

... Running on your PC this NTP Time Zone Clock will show you the local time of ... will be displayed on your desktop. With this NTP Time Zone Clock you will always know the local time in ...

Computer Networking - Other Internet Tools 2008-01-16 downloaded 74 times 0.39MB

DownloadRoute good awardSILENT ATTACK - The Near Danger Zone 2.5

... The Near Danger Zone game is ... em all arcade shooter. In this game you will act as ... integrated screensaver feature ...

Games Play - Arcade 2008-01-22 downloaded 44 times 6.05MB

... Read reviews of the Intuition Zone program from Aine Belton to see if it ... is right for you.Read reviews of the Intuition Zone program from Aine Belton to see if it ...

My Hobby & Education - Spirit & Religion 2009-02-18 downloaded 74 times 0.56MB

DownloadRoute excellent award1-st Virtual Multi Zone Promotional Clock 2.3

... humorous animations and sounds accompany useful features like alarms, notes, reminders, and announcements. Unique promotional product ... These clocks may also be customized with promotional material and distributed as free gifts. Select time ...

Desktop Tuning - Desktop & Shell Tools 2008-01-16 downloaded 104 times 0.79MB

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